Fiber Optic Adapters

Consistent connection matters. Creating a strong, streamlined fiber optic adapters network across your organization is critical to ensure information gets where it’s going — on time, every time.

Yet, even the best-made fiber optic cables have limits. What happens when you need just a little more length to reach the fiber optic wall or rack mount but your cable comes up short? High-quality fiber optic cable adapters help you make this last-meter connection and ensure your fiber network will deliver when you need it.

Fiber Optic Adapter Options

At Amerifiber, we provide a variety of fiber adapter solutions to meet your needs. Our female/female fiber connector adapters make it easy to increase cable runs without significantly impacting performance, giving you the confidence to expand networks and easily add new devices. We offer any configuration of fiber optic connector adapters:

  • Singlemode We’ve got you covered with singlemode simplex, duplex and quad adapters with SC, LC, FC, ST, D4, MU, E2000 and other options available in UPC or APC. Need more than one or two connections per adapter? Our quad adapter makes it easy to add more fiber with a small footprint. We offer both standard Female/Female along with any Hybrid configurations you may need.
  • MultimodeNeed multimode fiber cable adapters? No problem. Check out our complete line covering simplex, duplex and quad adapters available in any connector style with multiple color options available.

Singlemode vs. Multimode Fiber Optic Cable Adapters 

The right fiber adapter can make all the difference. If you’re sending data in one direction, choose small-diameter singlemode adapters for easy tie-in with existing singlemode strands. These can ensure the consistent delivery of high-fidelity data over long distances.

If you want to carry more data more quickly, use a multimode setup. Choose multimode adapters to maintain consistent volumes. Take advantage of a quad-connection option to keep multiple, similarly purposed strands together.

In both cases, make sure to consider your connection type. From LC to SC to ST, FC, and SCAPC, we’ve got the right adapter for your fiber network.

Bridging the Gap 

Fiber connector adapters are about bridging the gap. While you could buy extra-long singlemode or multimode cable and cut it to fit specific needs, the complexity of larger projects can sometimes make it challenging — if not impossible — to calculate exact cable lengths. Compound that with new devices and data delivery expectations, and what seems like a simple setup can get very complicated, very quickly.

Fiber optic cable adapters let you create connections and control cabling where it makes the most sense in your network. As IT complexity escalates, datacenters will increase in scale and server rooms will become even busier. Fiber connector adapters can provide the peace of mind — and consistent performance — that companies need to streamline fiber optic strategies.

Amerifiber: Your Adaptive Advantage (Fiber Optic Adapter)

At Amerifiber, we manufacture and distribute high-quality fiber optic adapter connections capable of enduring the rigor and stress of IT server and database rooms. All our products are crafted with the customer in mind — it’s our mission to empower your networks and exceed your expectations.

Get the adaptive advantage — get Amerifiber. Contact us today.