Multimode Fiber Connectors

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Multimode fiber adapters can help expand your fiber optic network and improve datacenter or server room operations. But which multimode solution is the best fit for your business applications? Let’s break down how they work, why you might choose multimode over singlemode solutions, and what options Amerifiber offers to improve your multimode cable management.

Considering Multimode Fiber Adapters

Using a multimode adapter makes it easy to expand your fiber network and develop a datacenter plan that works best for your organization. While long-run cables offer the advantage of continuous signal propagation, they can also increase operational complexity, especially when it comes to mapping out the most efficient fiber route in a small-scale datacenter or the shortest, easiest path in a large-footprint server room. 

Connection Selection: Multimode vs. Singlemode

There are two basic choices for fiber optic adapters: multimode and singlemode. Which one you choose depends on the type of cables you’re connecting — multimode adapters are used to link multimode cables, and the same holds true for singlemode.

Multimode solutions are ideal for companies focused on delivering large amounts of information over short distances. For example, server rooms that primarily serve local users often leverage multimode fiber cables and connectors to maximize the volume of data transmission. Since this data remains largely within the bounds of on-site corporate networks, the potential loss of signal clarity inherent in long-run multimode cables is negligible. Even better? The cost of deploying multimode fiber adapterrs and cables is lower than similar singlemode solutions.

Multimode Adapter Options

At Amerifiber, we offer numerous multimode fiber adapters, including:

  • LC Female to LC Female Multimode Duplex Adapters: This duplex multimode fiber LC adapter offers the smaller footprint of LC connections combined with the two-way throughput of duplex fiber cabling, making it a great choice for small-space applications allowing for twice the density as a single SC, ST or FC style adapter.
  • LC Female to LC Female Multimode Quad Adapters: these adapters are often used in high density applications as they handle four LC ports in a smaller footprint and allow for maximum density in tight spaces such as data centers. Like all LC ports our adapters

have the locking tab for secure connections and consistent performance.       

SC Female to SC Female Multimode Simplex and Duplex Adapters: SC adapters remain popular thanks to their reliability and performance. They are designed with push-pull style slot for incoming connectors to snap in place and ensure the fibers are aligned properly providing a tight accurate fit, making them ideal for telecommunications operations and testing applications.

Need other connectors? We’ve got you covered with 10-gig duplex multimode LC adapters, 10-gig SC to SC options, or even quad adapters to increase your fiber optic throughput. We can provide any custom couplers including hybrid, color-coded, and keyed solutions. Looking for a nonstandard connector size or type? Speak with one of our experts to find your best-fit fiber optic solutions.

Quantifiable Benefits

At Amerifiber, we’re committed to delivering quantity and quality on demand. With more than 30 years of experience in the fiber optic industry, we’ve created a reliable, robust supply chain that helps us meet your adapter, connector, cable, and patch panel needs — without breaking your budget.

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