Fiber Optic Patch Panels

A rack mount fiber patch panel can help streamline server operations and declutter your datacenter by offering a quick and easy solution to cabling issues. But why choose a rack mount patch panel over a wall mount? What are the differences, and how do you select the best-fit for your organization? Here’s what you need to know.

The Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure, Explained

Fiber optic patch panel rack mounts are designed to easily slot into standard relay racks, providing a designated terminus for interrelated cabling deployments. For example, you might want all cables from a specific server to terminate at the same rack for ease of use, maintenance and eventual expansion.

A fiber tray rack mount lets you easily access all patch cord ports with simple, flip-down panels or pull-out drawers. Combined with built-in cabling routing solutions, IT teams can both reduce fiber optic cable strain and ensure rack mount solutions stay neat and tidy.

Put simply? Fiber rack mount systems give you the organizational and operational help you need, where you need it most.

Fiber Rack Mount vs. Wall Mount Solutions

When it comes to organizing fiber optic patch cords, there are two broad solution types: wall mount and rack mount. While a rack mount fiber patch installs directly into existing server room racks, wall mount fiber panels must be attached to an available wall.

Wall mounts offer the ability to select the ideal cable termination location — near power sources or network access points — but require more planning and manpower to install. Rack mount patch panels, meanwhile, are designed for quick deployment on existing racks, letting you place multiple mounts where they’ll do the most good.

Why Choose a Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel

A rack mount fiber distribution panel isn’t just simple to install — it’s also scalable to meet data center needs. For example, Amerifiber’s fiber optic patch panel rack mount options range from 12-port offerings with SC adapter plates that occupy one rack unit (RU) of space to 144-port solutions that include LC duplex adapter plates, ribbon fiber splice trays and ribbon LC pigtails that occupy 4RU.

Easy installation combined with scalable deployment makes a rack mount fiber optic enclosure the ideal solution for many data center applications. Simply install the rack where it’s most beneficial, reroute key fiber optic connections and reduce your cable clutter.

The Amerifiber Advantage: Fiber Optic Patch Panel

At Amerifiber, our fiber optic panel rack mount solutions are designed to withstand the rigors of data center operations and provide long-term reliability, durability and usability. With more than three decades delivering fiber optic solutions to customers — from patch cords to multi strand pigtails to adapter plates and relay racks — we’ve earned a reputation for quality, speed and performance.

Enhance fiber optic organization and agility with rack mount fiber optic patch panels from Amerifiber. Let’s connect.