Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures

Fiber optic cables form a critical part of your IT infrastructure. However, as cable volumes increase, so do the complexity and clutter. A wall mount fiber enclosure can help improve accessibility, save valuable rack space, increase organization and enhance security by providing centralized, self-contained cable storage.

Which type of wall mount enclosure is your best fit? Why choose wall mount enclosures over rack mount panels? Let’s take a look.

The Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel

A wall mount panel attaches to any available server or database room wall, providing the ideal terminus for fiber optic patch cables. By selecting a good location for your wall mount fiber enclosure, you can ensure that cable runs aren’t too long — or too short. The right installation can provide easy access to other network infrastructure connections as well.

Fiber optic patch panel wall mounts come in three basic configurations: Single door, dual door and tri-fold. All of these can be locked for security and offer differing approaches to cable connection and organization based on your needs.

Single door wall mounts are ideal for smaller to medium connection hubs, offering up to 48 ports, with options utilizing splice trays and pigtails, cassettes, or patch only with pre-term stub cables of any length and type.

Dual door wall mounts range from 24-port to 288-port connections with several enclosure sizes and styles available. Dual door wall mounts are the most commonly used wall mount enclosures as they can handle just about any size installation, and can be loaded with any configurations of adapter plates, splice trays and pigtails, cassettes, or pre-term stub cables.

Tri-fold wall mount fiber enclosures provide a smaller footprint with the ability to keep the providers incoming fiber to the wall mount fully enclosed and separated from the customer side, making them ideal for tighter spaces that still require complete cabling access and higher security. These can be loaded with up to 24 or 48ports with certain limitations allowing for up to 2 adapter plates or cassettes.

Wall Mount Enclosures vs. Rack Mount Panels

Rack mount panels offer straightforward installation since they are designed to easily integrate with existing racks.

On the other hand, wall mount enclosures require more planning: IT teams need to identify the ideal location, take key measurements and securely attach these panels. However, wall mount options offer major benefits over their rack mount counterparts, including:

  • Enhanced securityLocked, wall mount panels offer improved cable security in busy IT environments.
  • Improved safetyBy centralizing cables in a secure wall mount enclosure, companies can reduce trip and fall hazards and increase overall safety.
  • Extra spaceA wall mount fiber patch panel has a dedicated spot, rather than occupying valuable server rack real estate.
  • Ease of accessibilityAccess up to 288 ports from your wall mount fiber enclosure.

Go Further with Amerifiber 

We build the best. At Amerifiber, we understand that your fiber optic patch panel wall mount needs to withstand regular use in rigorous IT environments. That’s why our wall mounts are designed to deliver consistent performance across the board — and why we’re always available to make things right.

Ready to go further with fiber? Improve fiber optic cable accessibility, organization and security with a wall mount enclosure. Contact us today.