Singlemode Fiber Adapters

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Singlemode fiber optic cables offer unmatched data fidelity over long distances. While they can’t compete with multimode solutions for total information throughput, they’re often the cable of choice for companies that need top-tier data quality on demand and over long distances.

Singlemode fiber adapters are ideal to help plan and deploy an optical network at scale, allowing staff to find best-fit routes for cabling small server rooms and big data centers alike. Not sure which singlemode adapter solution is best for your needs? We’ve got you covered with a look at key singlemode use cases and Amerifiber’s lineup of singlemode fiber optic adapters.

Why Select Singlemode Fiber Optic Adapters?

The key to any fiber optic network is consistency. Signals must travel reliably along cabling paths without losing critical fidelity before reaching designated endpoints — and they need to accomplish this goal without getting tangled underfoot in datacenters or server rooms that are often overrun with power cables and broadband network connections.

Singlemode fiber optic adapters give staff the freedom to design fiber optic layouts that both work for your business and deliver steady, secure signals across the network. Singlemode adapters are ideal for organizations such as telecommunication providers or downstream data analytic firms that are required to send large volumes of data off-site and ensure it remains crystal clear upon delivery. By leveraging the right singlemode fiber optic adapters, companies can minimize the number of potential network weak points. Secure, reliable singlemode adapters help ensure reliable transfer of data across key connections.

Singlemode Fiber Adapters From Amerifiber

To help underpin your singlemode cable architecture, we offer multiple singlemode fiber adapters, including:

SC Female to SC Female Singlemode Simplex and Duplex Adapters: These are the most commonly used adapters across the telecom industry for bringing fibers into your network. They are designed with push-pull style slot for incoming connectors to snap in place and ensure the fibers are aligned properly providing a tight accurate fit, making them ideal for telecommunications operations and testing applications.

FC Female to FC Female Single Mode Simplex Adapter: Ideal for precise measuring equipment, FC to FC adapters use a screw-type connection to help minimize environmental impacts. They provide a very tight and secure connection point. Made of metal the FC line of adapters are very rugged.

  • LC Female to LC Female Single Mode Duplex Adapter: This type of singlemode fiber adapter delivers two-way data transfer connections backed by the small footprint of LC fiber latches. They LC Duplex Adapter allows for double the capacity of standard adapter making them ideal for large-scale deployments.
  • LC Female to LC Female Single Mode Quad Adapter: This type of LC adapter is used when space is limited and high density is required. The quad adapter accepts 4 LC connectors in a small footprint, providing the highest capacity. All LC adapters can be color coded and keyed to provide an even more secure and specific connection point.
  • SCAPC Female to SCAPC Female Single Mode Simplex Adapter: These angled physical contact (APC) connections use SC push-pull couplings to deliver reliable performance. These adapters are widely used with FTTH type installs. They are also used with testing equipment as they are polished with an 8degree angle and therefore have a greater surface point that provides a more secure connection.
  • ST Female to ST Female Single Mode Simplex Adapter: Ideal for harsh environments, ST solutions use bayonet connections to deliver speedy and solid cable links. They provide a secure locked connection point preventing debris from entering.

Check out our full product listing on this page or contact an Amerifiber expert to find the best-fit singlemode adapter solution for your business. We provide any connector style available including hybrid solutions of any kind such as SC Male to SC Female, SC Female to LC Male, or any other configuration your job calls for.

A Single Purpose: The Amerifiber Advantage

At Amerifiber, we have a single purpose: exceeding customer expectations. This is our advantage — by combining 30 years of industry experience with committed, service-focused staff, we’re able to deliver the singlemode fiber optic adapters, wall mount and rack mount panels, and high-quality cabling solutions you need, all backed by complete documentation of testing, calibration results, and certification.

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