AFL CLETOP Original Series A Optical Connector Cleaner w/ Blue Tape

SKU: MI8500-10-0027MZ


The CLETOP Classic MI8500-10-0027MZ Type A Ferrule Cleaning Cassette with Blue Tape.



The Classic AFL CLETOP MI8500-10-0027MZ Type A Ferrule Cleaning Cassette with Blue Tape Reel is the fast, easy, economical way to clean ferrules. Use this type A classic CLETOP® cassette to clean SC, SC2, FC, ST, DIN and D4 connectors. Coarse-weave blue tape is designed for 2.5-mm ferrules. CLETOP, the industry standard for cleaning fiber connectors, is specified in many large OEM’s cleaning procedures. Other dry cleaners use a 15-µm fiber weave cloth and leave dirt on ferrules. But CLETOP’s specially formulated 2-µm fiber weave dry cloth lifts all dirt through capillary action, trapping it in its micro pockets. This saves time and money.

Environmentally friendly CLETOP is the choice for field and manufacturing facility use. It’s completely safe and clean. No toxic and flammable chemicals are required. Anyone can achieve consistent high-quality results without alcohol, freon gas or other solvents. CLETOP’s woven cloth also is very effective in removing oil, grease and dust from ferrule surfaces.

Push down lever to expose two slots under plastic insert over tape. Each connector can be wiped twice – once down each slot to be double sure it’s clean. Cleaning tape can be used for over 400 connectors.


  • Each reel provides over 400 cleanings per cassette
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Anti-Static
  • Cleans without IPA alcohol

Replacement reels are available separately.