AFL CLETOP Original Series A Optical Connector Cleaner w/ White Tape

SKU: MI8500-10-0011MZ


The CLETOP Classic MI8500-10-0011MZ Type A Ferrule Cleaning Cassette with White Tape.



The AFL CLETOP MI8500-10-0011MZ Classic Type A Ferrule Cleaner with White Tape Reel is so easy to use that anyone can achieve consistently high-quality results without alcohol, freon gas or any other solvents. Environmentally friendly CLETOP is ideal for field applications and manufacturing facilities.

This cassette is designed to clean 2.5-mm ferrules on SC, FC, ST, D4, DIN and LC connectors. Push the lever down to expose two slots in plastic insert over tape. Wipe each connector twice — once down each slot.

The fully replaceable cleaning tape can be used for over 400 connectors. Extra tapes must be ordered separately.


  • Each reel provides over 400 cleanings per cassette
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Anti-Static
  • Cleans without IPA alcohol

Replacement reels are available separately.