Singlemode Fiber Pigtails

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Singlemode fiber pigtails are designed for high-volume deployments in crowded data centers and computer rooms. With standard fiber optic connectors at one end and color-coded strands at the other, they can be easily cut and spliced, and multiple strands can be connected in a small space using mechanical or fusion-based connections.

Singlemode fiber pigtails are designed to act as the optical last mile between connected devices and OFC terminations. By bundling multiple strands with FC, LC, SC, ST, SCAPC or MPO connectors, IT teams get the control and consistency they need to quickly deploy new devices and ensure all connections are reliable.

Use Cases for Singlemode Pigtail Patch Cords

As noted above, multi-strand singlemode fiber pigtails from Amerifiber come with different factory connector options to meet specific operational needs. But singlemode fibers also offer a key advantage — high fidelity data transfer over long distances. Using a small-diameter glass core, singlemode solutions minimize potential signal refraction and degradation, and are often used by large campuses or remote offices to ensure data isn’t compromised during transmission.

Meanwhile, singlemode fiber optic pigtails help ensure that signal strength and clarity aren’t compromised in the final few meters from connected devices to larger fiber network terminals. Here, consistency is key. Singlemode pigtail jumpers provide the necessary peace of mind for data transmission over long distances.

Purpose-built singlemode pigtail patch cords also offer connective confidence. While it’s possible to simply purchase a standard fiber optic jumper and create your own pigtails, any imprecise cuts could lead to cable damage, in turn causing potential connection problems. High-quality singlemode pigtails from Amerifiber, in contrast, are designed to meet — and exceed — the demands of high-density fiber optic environments.

Go Farther, Faster With Amerifiber Singlemode Pigtails

At Amerifiber, we’ve built a reputation on reliability, durability and responsiveness. We’re committed to offering the best price for our singlemode fiber pigtails without sacrificing quality or throughput. With an extensive product line and resourceful team, we’re able to offer best-fit fiber optic solutions, quick turnaround times and customization options to meet your specific needs.

It’s our goal to create customer relationships based on trust. That’s why many of our products come with extensive customization options, and all our fiber optic solutions include documentation of testing, calibration results and certification. Need help? Have a question? Our staff is available via phone, live chat or email request to help you select the best singlemode pigtails  for your application and ensure you’re getting the best price for your fiber optic budget.

Enhance fiber optic performance in high-density environments with Amerifiber’s singlemode fiber pigtails. Let’s connect.