Multimode Fiber Pigtails

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Multimode fiber optic pigtails are ideal for high-density applications in your data center or server room. Factory installed connectors at one end make it quick and easy to integrate devices, while exposed fiber at the opposite end allows you to cut the cable to the required length and install splice-on or mechanical type connectors of your choice.

The result? Improved fiber optic adaptability. The short, unbuffered construction of multimode pigtail jumpers makes them the perfect choice for short-distance connections that require more flexibility than the average fiber optic installation.

The Benefits of Multimode Fiber Pigtails

Sometimes called multimode pigtail patch cords, these cables differ from typical fiber optic jumpers because only one end of each strand has a factory installed connector. For example, Amerifiber’s 12-strand multimode fiber pigtails are available with LC, SC, ST, FC or MPO connectors on one side and color-coded strands at the other. This make it easy for IT teams to quickly find, connect and splice the right strand for any application.

Multimode fiber optic pigtails also offer key advantages over their single mode counterparts. By using a larger-diameter glass core, multimode pigtails allow a higher-volume of information transfer. This construction makes them ideal for short-distance applications — the farther the signal travels, the greater the risk of signal degradation.

As a result, multimode pigtail jumpers are often used for local area networks (LANs) within a single building or to handle the substantial throughput of audio/visual data transfer. They’re also more cost-effective for these high-traffic applications. While single mode pigtails could match data clarity, their smaller size would mean more spending to keep pace with transfer speeds.

Your Best Choice for Better Connections

At Amerifiber, it’s our mission to create and deliver the best multimode pigtail patch cords on the market. Along with multiple connector types — including ST or FC for older devices, SC for common snap-in applications and LC for smaller form factors, high-density installations — our multimode fiber optic pigtails are also available in 62.5/125 and 10 gig options.

With 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications and fiber optic industry, we understand your top priorities for multimode patch cords and pigtails. They must be both durable and reliable to deliver consistent performance and ensure consistent ROI. That’s why we work with wholesalers and distributors around the world to get cables to your business faster, and to provide complete documentation of testing, calibration and certification results to ensure full performance transparency.

Multimode pigtail jumpers make it easy to quickly connect multiple devices without adding to cable clutter and complexity. But not all cables are created equal. At Amerifiber, we’re committed to helping you go farther, faster with competitively priced pigtail configurations that deliver consistent, high-performance results.