Singlemode Simplex Fiber Optic Cables

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Singlemode simplex fiber optic cables are designed and constructed to transmit information one way — from one sender to one receiver device. Light propagates in a single direction down a simplex cable, making it impossible for data to be sent back. Duplex solutions, meanwhile, use two cables, one for each data direction.

Singlemode cables contain a single, 9-micron strand of glass as opposed to multimode cables, which use larger (50 or 62.5-micron) strands. This incredibly thin fiber allows singlemode simplex patch cords to transmit information accurately over extremely long distances. Because data is sent directly down the center of the cable over a single light frequency, the risk of signal degradation is extremely low. This makes singlemode cables the ideal choice for applications where both distance and accuracy are essential.

Common Applications for Simplex Singlemode Fiber

Singlemode simplex fiber optic cables send information over long distances with minimal signal loss. This makes them a solid choice for projects that require continuous information transmission over large workspaces or to ensure the reliable operation of fiber optic switches and servers at scale.

The small size and single-strand nature of these fiber optic cables also makes them incredibly resistant to environmental changes such as temperature, pressure or moisture. And because the carry only a single wavelength of light — in contrast to copper wire connections, which carry an electric charge — they’re unaffected by electromagnetic interference.

Where Singlemode Simplex Fiber Optic Cables Excel

If you need speedy, short-distance, back-and-forth data transfer, singlemode simplex patch cords are not your best solution.

However, singlemode simplex cables are ideal for applications that require long-distance data transmission from point A to point B with the assurance of signal integrity. Practical examples include remote offices and large post-secondary campuses. In these cases, effective technology deployments often depend on reliable data reception at scale and speed. Information may travel miles from data centers to end-user devices, and any signal degradation could render the entire transmission useless.

In the case of a remote office workstation, singlemode simplex jumpers may be used to send continuous sensor data, which is then interpreted and analyzed in centralized data warehouses. Potential degradation makes multimode cables a risky choice, while the extra costs associated with duplex cabling aren’t necessary if remote workstations are only transmitting information. Simplex singlemode fiber is cost-effective, consistent and always delivers clean data.

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