Singlemode Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

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Singlemode duplex cables use two individual strands of incredibly thin glass with a core size of 9/125um to transmit data via pulses of light over long distances. It’s no exaggeration to say these cores are thin. Human hairs are seven times wider than the strands used in duplex singlemode fiber.

To ensure these cables deliver maximum data fidelity over long distances, Amerifiber uses only the highest-quality coating and cladding materials. This allows cables to withstand even the most inhospitable IT environments and deliver consistent performance over time.

With a variety of fiber optic cables now available, however, where does it make sense to use singlemode duplex patch cords instead of simplex solutions or multimode fibers? Here’s a look at the key benefits of singlemode duplex fiber.

The Long-Distance Advantage of Singlemode Duplex Jumpers

Distance is the key differentiator of singlemode cable solutions. The incredibly thin glass core of singlemode fibers enables light to travel in one direction with almost no loss of signal strength or fidelity. Unlike multimode cables, there’s no room for light pulses to bounce off core walls or refract across larger surfaces.

This allows singlemode deployment to transmit clean data quickly over large distances, making it ideal for applications where there’s a significant gap between information origin and destination points. One of the most common use cases for singlemode solutions is telecommunications, where they allow for the speedy transmission of high-quality multimedia signals.

The Bidirectional Benefit of the Singlemode Duplex Patch Cord

Singlemode duplex fiber optic cables allow data to travel in both directions by using a pair of singlemode cords bound together. Simplex solutions, meanwhile, only permit data transfer in one direction. The bidirectional benefit of duplex cables means you can send and receive high-quality data at long distances and high speeds.

As a result, singlemode duplex patch cords are the best fit for applications that require continuous transmission of high fidelity data both up- and downstream. For example, medical or scientific research facilities that depend on data quality and must constantly update experiment parameters and metrics can benefit from singlemode duplex solutions, as can organizations with geographically disparate physical locations that need reliable data transfer at speed.

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At Amerifiber, we have the industry experience and expertise to deliver the customized, high-quality singlemode duplex jumpers you need for your application. With best-of-breed service and turnaround times, our team can help you go farther, faster with industry-leading fiber optic solutions.

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