Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

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If you need high-volume, bidirectional data transmission support, multimode duplex fiber optic cable is the best choice.

Fiber optic jumpers are categorized across two key areas: simplex/duplex and singlemode/multimode. Simplex cables use a single strand of glass to transmit data in one direction. Duplex cables use two strands of glass, allowing simultaneous bidirectional data transfer. Duplex solutions are sometimes bundled into a single cable — Amerifiber can provide both single jacket style and zip-cord style cables.

Singlemode cables leverage an extremely thin strand of glass to transmit data at high speeds over long distances. Multimode cables use glass strands with larger core sizes of either 50/125 or 62.5/125 to allow greater information throughput across shorter distances.

Multimode duplex fiber optic cable delivers simultaneous bidirectional data transfer at high speeds over short-to-medium distances, making it ideal for applications that require large amounts of data both sent and received at speed.

Duplex Multimode Fiber Benefits

Multimode duplex jumpers offer two key benefits for your connections:

  • Consistency — The dual-strand nature of duplex cabling enables consistent connection between endpoint devices and your network backbone. This is critical in IoT and cloud-based applications that require always-on connections to verify current status, make updates on demand or deliver real-time data.
  • Throughput — Multimode cables make it possible to transmit more data, more quickly, making them ideal for large-scale applications that require significant data throughput. Amerifiber offers both 62.5/125 cables for up to 100-megabit ethernet connections and 50/125 options for 10-gigabit applications.

Selecting the Right Specification

Multimode duplex fiber optic cables from Amerifiber can support any connector type including SC, LC, ST, and FC.

  • SC duplex multimodeSC connectors use a 2.5 mm ferule that easily snaps in with a push-pull motion. Designed to replace the aging ST specification, SC adoption was initially slow due to much higher costs. Improved manufacturing methods have significantly reduced the price of SC connectors and this specification is now widely used in both simplex and duplex applications.
  • LC duplex multimodeLC connectors are smaller than their SC counterparts with a 1.25 mm ferrule. They boast excellent performance and easy connections along with a space-saving form factor.

Along with the most widely used SC and LC connectors Amerifiber can also support any other connector options on the market to help streamline deployments across multiple device types and network setups.

The Amerifiber Advantage

At Amerifiber, it’s our mission to produce reliable and durable fiber optic cables on demand. With more than 30 years of industry experience we’re able to quickly create, calibrate and deliver best-of-breed multimode duplex fiber optic cables that outperform your expectations.

Improve consistency, speed and throughput with custom-built multimode duplex cables. Create better connections with Amerifiber.