Multimode Simplex Fiber Optic Cables

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Multimode simplex jumpers are single-strand cables that use either 50micron or 62.5micron glass core to transmit information using pulses of light. Single-strand construction means these simplex cables can only send signals from point A to point B. Because light and information propagate in one direction and cannot return along the same path, receiving information requires a second strand which would require a duplex cable.

The larger glass core of these multimode patch cords allows multiple light wavelengths to propagate simultaneously, increasing their overall throughput. The durability and reliability of multimode simplex solutions makes them the ideal choice for industries such as manufacturing, construction or medical research because external environmental changes have no negative impact on the ability of fiber optic signals to propagate. This makes them a great alternative to existing copper cables and also significantly increases overall data bandwidth.

Use Cases for Multimode Simplex Fiber Optic Cable

The best fiber optic cable for your network application depends on the type and volume of data you need to transmit.

For example, if you need to continuously deliver digital data readouts from a sensor device to a network-connected monitoring system, a multimode simplex patch cord makes it easy to send steady data streams in one direction. Other common applications include large-volume, send-only use cases such as radio station transmissions. Multimode simplex jumpers provide the bandwidth necessary to transmit music and voice data at scale over short distances.

Simplex Superior

Multimode simplex cables provide superior performance in two key areas — short-distance transfers and one-way data transmissions. Here’s why: The larger core of multimode cables significantly increases their information-carrying capacity, but introduces the problem of interference at large distances as light pulse interaction degrades signal integrity. As noted above, this makes them ideal for short-distance, large-volume audio and visual data transfers.

Consider a broadcast television station. Multimode cables are the superior choice to send large volumes of data from control rooms to nearby satellite transmitters. The short distance means no signal degradation, while the increased carrying capacity provides the necessary bandwidth for multimedia type data.

The single-strand nature of simplex cords makes them a cost-effective way to connect sender/receiver device pairs such as automated sensors, detection relays or data reporting tools.

The Future of Fiber Optics

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